Famitsu Roundup Week 28: Year of Luigi?

Welcome to another exciting week of Famitsu sales tracking. This week taking the top spot is Pikmin 3. With 2 days on the market, Pikmin 3 sold 102,188 units. In second place is Specter Watch for the 3DS with 52,901 units sold. Falling from number 1 to number 3 is Earth Defense 4. The newly released New Super Luigi U sold 27,312 units which was enough for 4th. At number 5 is Friend Collection with 25,332 units sold. Dead Island released at number 6 with 21,341 units sold. Toukiden placed 7th with 17,652 units. The newly released Metal Gear Solid: Legacy collection sold 16,231 units which was enough for 8th. At number 9 is the PSP version of Toukiden. Finally making its way back into the top ten is Animal Crossing with 13,607 units sold. Hanayaka Kana for the PSP released just outside the top ten at number 12. Battlefield 3 Best Edition was released for the PS3 this week and charted at number 23. The Xbox 360 had two games to make the top 30 this week. They are Dead Island: Riptide and Monster Hunter Frontier: G2 Package.

On the hardware side the 3DS takes the top spot with 40,113 units. The 3DS is up slightly from last week. In second place is the Wii U. The Wii U rose about 300% from last week to sell 20,728 units. The Vita is the third best selling console and the second best selling handheld with 15,192 units sold. The Vita is down from last week. The PS3 is the second best selling home console. The PS3 sold 12,913 units which is up slightly from last week but this may just be statistical and market fluctuations. The PSP sold 5,617 units this week. Rounding up the bottom of the hardware is the Wii and Xbox360 with 1,200 and 300 units sold respectively.

The 3DS continues to be the dominant console in Japan. It is nice to see it hold its sales this week after its fluctuations the last couple of weeks. Most people dismiss the 3DS’s situation because it doing better than the rest and seems to have a future ahead of it. However in my opinion the baseline for the 3DS is falling and its total sales have been a bit less than stellar lately. If even the 3DS is struggling, then what does that say about the overall gaming market in Japan? The Wii U got a noticeable boost from Luigi and Pikmin. A lot of people are still proclaiming doom. However I disagree. Neither of these two games were going to be massive sellers, and yet they boosted the Wii U by a noticeable degree. This shows that people want games for the Wii U. This system has a chance but it needs to get going and soon before all consumer interest is lost. This week’s sales show me that there is interest, but the Wii U simply doesn’t offer enough yet. Everything else remained mostly flat.

On the software side Pikmin 3 did pretty well on its release. Certainly, I hoped for more but I am not displeased with the result. Luigi on the other hand did not fare as well. Hopefully the game will pick up a bit or stick around the charts for a while. Luigi’s poor sales, make you question the whole year of Luigi. Earth Defense 4 is doing very well. It dropped a bit but other games have suffered worse drops. Animal Crossing, Taiko Drum, and Pokemon Black and White 2 all saw positive increase in sales this week. Congratulations to the Xbox 360 for having two games in the top 30 that is quite impressive.

Tune in next week to see how the Pikmin 3 fares in its second week? Will the Wii U come crashing down or will it find a new baseline? All this and more in the next Famitsu Roundup.




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